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Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge by Paul Kreuger

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This book was the March pick for the Dragons & Tea Book Club hosted by Mel from

Mel to the Any & Amy from A Court of Crowns and Quills


A sharp and funny urban fantasy for “new adults” about a secret society of bartenders who fight monsters with alcohol fueled magic.

College grad Bailey Chen has a few demons: no job, no parental support, and a rocky relationship with Zane, the only friend who’s around when she moves back home. But when Zane introduces Bailey to his cadre of monster-fighting bartenders, her demons get a lot more literal. Like, soul-sucking hell-beast literal. Soon, it’s up to Bailey and the ragtag band of magical mixologists to take on whatever—or whoever—is behind the mysterious rash of gruesome deaths in Chicago, and complete the lost recipes of an ancient tome of cocktail lore.

My thoughts:

This book had so much potential. Magic & Cocktails. What more could a 24 year old want in a book? However, I was let down on so many levels.

The main character Bailey was just SO annoying. She was a big cry baby and I could have cared less for her.

The plot jumped around a TON. One moment we were talking in an alley, the next we are in court. It just did not flow for me and I was confused at some points.

I did love that this book had cocktail recipes and we got to learn what powers each cocktail gave you. It was really fun and I thought the magic and concept was original. I just expected more and overall this was the reason I was let down. 

I did enjoy this book, but it wasn’t a favorite.

Rating: ★★★

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